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General FAQs

How long does delivery take? 
Delivery times will vary depending on the delivery type, read more on our Delivery info page.

If I order multiple pallets and boxes, do I have to pay delivery for each one?
Boxes are calculated by the total weight of the order, and multiple boxes can be purchased in one order.
Pallets are calculated on a per pallet rate. 
Please note: we recommend purchasing pallets and boxes separately to ensure shipping rates are calculated accurately. 

    Can I return a job lot?
    If the job lot is not as described upon delivery, then you are able to refuse the delivery and have this returned to us. We do not accept returns once delivery is accepted.

    Are the items checked and tested?
    Some items will be handled and sorted within our warehouse, but items in our job lots have not been checked or tested so the conditions of each item may vary. It is the buyers responsibility to check items. Check our Condition Descriptions.

    Can I still order from you if I’m not a registered trader?
    Yes, you’re still able to place orders with us but all sales are on a trade basis and under our terms and conditions of sale. We recommend that you look into Wholesale and Customer Returns before you place an order as it’s not for everyone.

    Can my order be delivered to my home address? 
    Yes the courier can deliver to your home address but you will need to be present to receive it, if they have to re-deliver you can incur additional delivery charges. When ordering pallets please ensure that the delivery address is accessible for a lorry.

    Auction FAQs

    When do job lot auctions end? 
    Auctions end daily, so be sure to check in and stay up to date so you don't miss our on some great products. 

    Do I have to have an account to place a bid? 
    Yes, you must create a Jobalots account and ensure you are logged in to place a bid. 

    Can bids be withdrawn?  
    No, when a bid has been submitted, this legally binds you to purchase the product if won for the bid amount. 

    How will I know if I have won the auction? 

    You will get an email when the auction ends to inform you that you have won the auction and to make payment. Please check junk and spam if you do not receive any emails regarding the auction after placing a bid. 

    How long do I have to make payment after I win? 

    The winner has until midnight of the auction win day to make payment after the auction ends. Please get in touch with our customer service team if you have any issues paying:

    What happens if the winner of the auction fails to make payment? 

    If you do not make payment then you will be banned from placing future bids or placing any orders on the website. If you want to dispute this please contact a member of our team at:


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