Welcome to Jobalots!

About Us

Who are we?

Jobalots (as seen on Channel 4s Bidding Wars) is a UK based company specialising in trade to trade job lot pallets, job lot boxes (Mini Jobalots), wholesale, clearance, surplus, and overstock. Operating across three warehouses in South and West Wales, our facilities span over 50,000 sq/ft; approximately 2000 pallet locations. Our expertise and excellent relationship with various logistics companies allow us to send you your job lot quickly, efficiently, and at the best price possible - reflected in our competitive prices.


Why are we here?

Here at Jobalots, we recognised an opportunity to offer the most competitive margins in the customer returns, job lots, clearance, surplus, and overstock industry, whilst reducing retailer waste! Our expertise in stock management, and excellent working relationships with shipping and logistics companies, allow us to transfer our savings into competitive margins for you!

Who are you?

Our broad product range is suitable for traders, marketplace sellers, eBayers, and car booters. We sell trade to trade job lots across all categories, so there is something perfect for everyone. If you haven’t bought a job lot from us before, head to our T&Cs page for more information, and find out exactly how we operate and what to expect when you buy one of our products.

What can we do for you?

Provide customer returns pallets, job lot boxes, clearance, surplus, and overstock at the most competitive margins in the business. Our job lot auctions are perfect for those looking for a bargain!

Interested in selling to us? Send us an email via our Partner with us page and we'll be in touch!