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Condition Descriptions

Jobalots Products explained

Jobalots source and sell job lot pallets and job lot boxes that include customer returns, clearance, wholesale and liquidation stock. Pallets and boxes will fall into one of our descriptions stated below, that are a general guide as to what might be included in the relevant job lots. In all cases, stock and inventory can and may vary away from the stated category, and in addition to this, the inventory price and quantity may vary as stated in product descriptions. Please make sure you understand the nature of returns stock and job lot pallets prior to purchase.

Condition Descriptions

Our ABC Graded job lots offer an excellent opportunity for you to minimise the effort before resale, maximising your profit after sales. All items contained in these job lots have been graded as brand new, refurbished, or used items, meaning that the source company has previously deemed these items to be in an already sellable condition. Please be aware that a small number of items may be damaged or missing parts.

Surplus job lots include brand new items from clearance, liquidation, surplus, and overstock. These are being sold to make space for new stock and deliveries. As they consist of brand new products, these job lots provide an excellent opportunity to maximise your profits. Please be aware that they may contain a small amount of warehouse damaged products.

Customer returns pallets and boxes contain customer returned goods. In some cases, these items may have been handled and sorted but not checked. Reasons for returns could include missing parts, faulty, changed mind, under warranty, and more. Please note that if required, the items must be repaired before resale. These can be further classified with the following:

  • Raw - Unchecked & untested, with no guarantee of condition.
  • Grade A - Like new condition with original packaging in full working order.
  • Grade B - Light wear and tear, and may not be contained in original packaging. Item tested and working.
  • Grade C - Heavy usage with alternative/no packaging, may or many not be in full working order, and could have parts missing.

Mixed job lots are our most popular collection. These will contain a variety of products, potentially across all categories. Items may have been sorted but not tested by Jobalots.

The damaged job lots will contain categorised or mixed products that have been returned by the customer because they are faulty, defected or damaged. All items within these pallets or boxes must be checked, cleaned, and repaired before resale. Due to the nature of the products in this category, we recommend that only individuals who are able and qualified should purchase these pallets or boxes.

Our Unmanifested collection varies and may be categorised or mixed. Unmanifested means that we have no inventory information including the price of the items within the pallet or box. There might be items that are missing parts, and in addition may be faulty and in need of repair. Think of these products as a potluck!

When buying job lot pallets or job lot boxes there is no guarantee that there will be any return on investment.