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Sell your customer returns or liquidation stock

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Sell your excess stock and improve your bottom line.


Maximise your margins with our cutting-edge liquidation platform and join over 20,000 satisfied businesses today.

We achieve some of the highest recovery rates  in Europe on products including, home, electronics, apparel and more. Our seamless liquidation process will ensure a quick and efficient turn around, whilst maximising revenue, and redcucing waste.

Why work with us?

We're already the preferred liquidation partner for many major retailers in Europe and help them reclaim capital on their surplus stock and customer returns. With operations in the UK and mainland Europe we can access stock wherever it is located. 

Our proprietary technology employs an advanced algorithm to streamline the intricate liquidation process, thereby optimizing recovery potential to unprecedented levels.

  • $1 billion+ MSRP - Sold on Jobalots
  • 18 million website visitors - In 2023
  • 10,000+ daily auctions - View our live auctions